I've been a fan of Sailor Moon since 1994. That's also when I was first introduced to the world of manga. Since Sailor Moon was the first series I've ever read, it's always had a special place in my heart. While so many manga like to use the "crybaby turned super heroine" character, Usagi Tsukino was the very first I read about. She will always be special, along with her different forms: Princess Serenity & Neo Queen Serenity.

It was so amazing when the Sailor Moon anime was released in 1995 (I still have the L.A. Times newspaper announcement)! Like so many of you, I couldn't wait to watch the episodes on TV back then. I visited Japan in 2009 and 2012 (before the 2014 anniversary revival), and barely found any merchandise in stores like Mandarake or Kiddyland.

Now, there are endless amount of Sailor Moon goods being released everyday - from cheap gashapon toys to expensive luxury handbags from Samantha Vega. I love collecting everything related to Sailor Moon, although I do have to start being a little more selective simply because of the sheer amount of items being released.

I started off with an Instagram account (sailormoon_addiction) to post photos of my collection, but decided to create this page to help answer some of the questions I get asked often. Here you will find:

  • News - Latest news or information on Sailor Moon products, events, and more.
  • How to Buy - List of online proxy and websites I use to buy all of my merchandise.
  • Reviews - My personal feedback on Sailor Moon goods I own. Please be patient as this will take me quite a bit of time to go through.

If you are simply looking to see my collection, please make sure to follow me on sailormoon_addiction!

Phew! Thank you for reading through all of that, and thank you for visiting my little corner on the internet. Happy shopping and collecting!