Sailor Moon x Gourmandise Bluetooth Earphones Review

The latest Sailor Moon electronic from Gourmandise is bluetooth earphones. It comes in two different designs - one featuring the Crystal Star and another one featuring the Cosmic Heart. I got the Crystal Star version since it's all pink.

Sailor Moon Review - Gourmandise Bluetooth Earphones Package

I've been using the earphones for a few days, and happy to say that I like it a lot. It's cute, lightweight, and works very well. The sound quality is good. Although it's not noise cancelling, it does block out some sounds from the surrounding area while in use. A fully charged battery lasts about 3 hours of use. I tried this by watching a few episodes of a recent!

Sailor Moon Review - Gourmandise Bluetooth Earphones Contents

I don't remember the actual retail price, but I paid 2,856 yen. This bluetooth earphones wasn't available on AmiAmi, which is where I normally buy a lot of the Sailor Moon x Gourmandise merchandise. I bought this from Amazon Japan via online proxy.

My verdict: I actually needed to get a new pair of bluetooth earphones, and decided to wait for the Gourmandise release. It's working out well for me, so I'm happy with the purchase. As I mentioned earlier, the quality is good and it's very easy to use. These do not ship internationally, so you'll need a proxy service to buy them.

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  • MaryAg

    May 30, 2020 3:37 AM

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    nice, I am getting them but I found them for ¥3500 , normal price for Bluetooth ear earbuds I guess

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