Sailor Moon x Dr Scholl Medi Qtto Legging Review

I've been a little busy, but I finally managed to write this review for the Sailor Moon x Dr Scholl Medi Qtto Leggings. Don't be deceived by its name, these are actually "compression leggings." It is advertised to help shape and slim your legs by wearing them overnight. True compression leggings also have the benefit of helping to increase blood flow, reduce muscle fatigue, and prevent strain.

The Sailor Moon version is no different from the normal Dr Scholl Medi Qtto Leggings produced in Japan, aside from the cute pattern of Usagi's futon. They come in two different sizes: small or medium. Please note that these are Japanese sizes, so they may run slightly small in terms of US sizing. I purchased a size small. I'm 5' 3-1/2" tall, and about 100 pounds, if you need a reference. The size small fit me perfectly. I had no issues putting them on, and I didn't have any problems with them rolling. I wore them twice overnight, but had to stop since I seemed to be allergic to the material. In terms of results, I think my legs did feel pretty good the morning after (aside from the couple of little hives). I can't say if they made my legs more slim - you'd probably have to wear them more consistenly to find out.

Overall, I think these are great if you are looking for compression leggings (as long as you are not allergic like me). The leggings are very well made, and feels sturdy when stretched. They do create pressure without feeling overly tight, so it's still comfortable to wear. These can be washed in the washing machine on delicate cycle. I didn't put them in the dryer though - just in case.

The leggings are priced around $30-$35 USD, depending on which Japanese retailer you buy them from. They aren't sold in the US (due to licensing, of course), so you'll either need proxy service to buy from Japan, or find them on sites like eBay. What do you think about these compression leggings?

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