Sailor Moon Washi Tape & Stand Set Review (Premium Bandai & Fan Club Editions)

There are quite a bit of Sailor Moon merchandise I've collected over time, so it was difficult for me to decide where to start.

Since Premium Bandai and the Pretty Guardians Fan Club are currently taking preorders again for these newly released Sailor Moon Washi Tape & Stand Set, I thought it woud be perfect to choose them as my first review.

Sailor Moon stationery goods are one of my favorite things to buy because they are beautiful to look at, useful, and collectible. As soon as these were announced, it was automatically on my to-buy list. However, there was the initial sticker shock. At 8,640 yen (roughly $86 USD) per set, these are not cheap.

Pretty Guardians Fan Club limited edition: This is my favorite set by default because the washi tape features artwork from Naoko Takeuchi's original illustrations. The set includes three rolls of washi tapes, each measuring approximately 40 mm wide and 10 m long. The print on the tape is clear and crisp, and the colors are vibrant. The dispensing stand is white, and features die cut designs of Cutie Moon Rod, Crystal Star, ribbon, as well as various stars and roses. On either side of the stand, there's a print of Sailor Moon sitting on the moon with the words "Pretty Guardians" to signify fan club exclusive product.

Review - Sailor Moon Masking Tape & Stand Set - Fan Club Limited Edition

Pink Premium Bandai version: This set includes ten rolls of washi tapes: five standard 15 mm wide washi tapes, and five 6 mm wide washi tapes. The patterns include: Inner Senshi, Sailor Chibi Moon, Princess Serenity, and Transformation Accessories. The dispensing stand features die cut designs of the Inner Senshi symbols, Transformation Brooch (animation version), ribbon, Moon Stick, Luna, and lots of stars. On either side of the stand, it is a die cut silhouette of Sailor Moon standing.

Review - Sailor Moon Masking Tape & Stand Set - Premium Bandai Pink Edition

Black Premium Bandai version: The black dispensing stand is exactly like the pink version. The obvious difference is the color, plus the washi tape patterns. Similar to the pink version, the black set includes ten rolls of washi tapes: five standard 15 mm wide washi tapes, and five 6 mm wide washi tapes. The designs on the tapes include: Inner Senshi, Outer Senshi, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Starlights, the cats (Luna, Artemis, and Diana), as well as Tuxedo Kamen.

Review - Sailor Moon Masking Tape & Stand Set - Premium Bandai Black Edition

Here's the side view of all three dispensing stands.

Review - Sailor Moon Masking Tape & Stand Set - Side View

Aside from the color and design differences, all of the stands functions the same way. Each stand comes with two bars: one that's for dispensing (bottom), and one where you can hang any extra washi tapes you have (top). There is an instruction page included with each set that shows you where to insert the two bars through the die cut pattern.

These are all produced by Sun-Star Stationery.

My verdict: I personally really enjoy these Sailor Moon Washi Tape & Stand sets. As I mentioned earlier, my favorite is the fan club exclusive edition with the original illustration artwork on the washi tapes. I also like the Premium Bandai pink dispensing stand, since pink is my favorite color. The downside is that everything is sold as a set, which means you cannot buy the washi tapes separately from the dispensing stands. This is part of the reason why I ended up purchasing all of the different versions. If you can get past the price tag (or if you can find a cheaper one from sites like Yahoo! Japan Auctions), I think it would be fun to get a set, especially if you don't already own a dispensing stand. It's a nice decorative piece for the desk, plus it's functional.

Please click here for instructions on how to order the Premium Bandai sets. To buy the fan club edition, you will need the Japanese version of the Pretty Guardians Fan Club membership. However, new member sign-ups are currently closed.

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  • Anne Lee

    July 27, 2019 5:55 AM

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on all three stands! I purchased the fanclub one for the manga artwork. I don't have a washi tape stand, so I'm excited to receive mine!

  • Linda

    July 29, 2019 3:45 PM

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    I think you'll love the stand, and the manga washi tapes are so beautiful!

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