Sailor Moon x Universal Studios Japan 2019 Haul Review - Part V

The last part of my Sailor Moon x USJ 2019 review. Here are the links to the other parts of the the review: part I, part II, part III, and part IV.

Sailor Moon Clear File Set: There are a total of six clear files. On the bottom right corner, you can see all of the included designs. The clear files are holographic, but it's hard to tell by the photo. Similiar to last year's clear file set, these are very colorful and vibrant.

Review - Sailor Moon x USJ Clear Files

Sailor Moon Washi Tape Set: You get four rolls of washi tapes, with different designs on each. I didn't buy the set from 2018, so I decided I should get this years. I've collected quite a bit of Sailor Moon washi tapes over the years, and the USJ 2018 version was one of the very few I didn't buy.

Review - Sailor Moon x USJ Washi Tape Set

Cosmic Heart Necklace: This necklace has two layers: one with a pink heart pendant, and one with the Comsic Heart pendant. USJ also produced a large Cosmic Heart locket necklace, but I like this version much better because it is smaller. I'm not a fan of overly big pendants (with the exception of Q-Pot items).

Review - Sailor Moon x USJ Cosmic Heart Necklace

Rainbow Chalice Jewelry Box: The jewelry box is mostly made of metal, with resin, glitter, and rhinestones to decorate the exterior. I would call it a case since "box" makes me think of a sqaure or rectangular shapes. The sculpture of the Rainbow Chalice is very nicely done. It's small and delicate, but does have some weight to it for its size. You can't store a whole lot of jewelry, but it's a good collectible item or decorative piece.

Review - Sailor Moon x USJ Rainbow Chalice Jewelry Box

Sailor Moon Pin Set: I love Sailor Moon pins. I also bought the set from last year, and I'm glad I got this year's as well. These are well made, and are relative thick compared to most pins that are about 1 - 1.5 mm in thickness. I'm really glad USJ made the Transformation Booch pin that's based on the one from the manga (or Sailor Moon Crystal).

Review - Sailor Moon x USJ Pin Set

My verdict: This is the last part of my Sailor Moon x USJ (Universal Studios Japan) 2019 haul. So far, I am really enjoying all of the goodies I purchased. The stationery items are nice because they are both pretty and practical. The Cosmic Heart necklace was something I got for fun, and maybe I'll wear it on occassions. I love collecting pins, and I would recommend them to anyone who is a pin collector. As for the Rainbow Chalice Jewelry Box, I would say it's a nice collectible, but you'll have to keep in mind you'll probably find it for anywhere between $60 - $80 USD (maybe more). As I mentioned in the first part of this series of reviews, all of the merchandise are only available at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. Therefore, you'll need to find a personal shopper, or look for them on sites like eBay.

I hope you found the reviews helpful (or at least somewhat helpful). If you have questions about how I buy my merchandise, be sure to check out the How to Buy page for more information.

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