Sailor Moon Store Exclusive Sweets Bag Charm Review

Last year, the Sailor Moon Store released five "Sweets Bag Charms", which reminded me of the dessert inspired pendants made by Q-Pot. Based on the stock photos, it was really hard to see the details. I originally only purchased the Sailor Moon Sweets Bag Charm, but decided to get the entire set after seeing it in person.

As mentioned earlier, there are a total of five charms. Each one is based on one of the five inner senshi's color, topped with their respective planetary symbol. There's also a little fork with the senshi's ribbon dangling on the chain. Unlike the Q-Pot dessert charms, these bag charms are not soft or squishy in texture. They are harder to the touch, but still maintaining the appearance of an edible dessert.

The price of each one is 2,480 yen (tax not included). I paid $32 USD per charm as they were picked up by personal shoppers. I'm not sure if these are still available in the Sailor Moon Store, but you can still find them online from sites like eBay. You can also use proxy service to buy them through Yahoo! Japan Auctions, as prices may be better depending on your luck.

My verdict: Personally, I really enjoy these Sweets Bag Charms. I love the colors and details of each charm. My favorite charms are the ones inspired by Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter. The Sailor Moon design is too "expected", if that makes any sense. However, I do like the pink color, and she's my favorite character. By the way, the plate I used to take the photo is also an exclusive item from the Sailor Moon Store.

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