Sailor Moon Store 2020 Halloween Goods

Sailor Moon Store 2020 Halloween Goods

The Sailor Moon store in Japan just announced the upcoming 2020 Halloween goods. Like previous years, the artwork is from the previous Sailor Moon Drops game. For this year, the store will be releasing exclusive holographic badges and acrylic keychains.

The holographic badges are priced at 400 yen each, and the acrylic keychains are 1,200 yen for each set. Please note that the prices do not include tax.

Since the Sailor Moon stores are in Japan, these goods will be available only within Japan. You'll need to use a proxy service to purchase them through online shops such as Yahoo! Japan Auctions or other similar marketplaces. If you have membership with the Pretty Guardians Fan Club in Japan, then these will be available a few months after release in the shop. Once again, if you live outside of Japan, you'll need a service such as Tenso to purchase the membership before you can get access to the members' site.

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