Sailor Moon Eternal Ichiban Kuji - Princess Collection

Sailor Moon Eternal Ichiban Kuji Princess Collection

The third installment of Sailor Moon Eternal Ichiban Kuji has been annouced. The upcoming Ichiban Kuji theme is "Princess Collection", and features brand new artwork with all of the senshi in their princess outfit for the first time! Not only that, the A prize will be a beautiful figure of Princess Serenity. The Last One prize is the same figure but with pearl paint on the hair and dress. This is probably one of the most gorgeous set of Ichiban Kuji game prize set! The prizes are set to release in November 2021.

Ichiban Kuji games are only available throughout in Japan. The price per play is 680 yen. If you live outside of Japan, you will need a buyer to help play to win the random prizes. Otherwise, you can also wait for specific items to show up on sites like, Mercari, and etc. You can check out my How to Buy page to learn more about using online proxy to buy goods from Japan.

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