Sailor Moon Inspired Necklace by Lunamis Aura

Lunamis Aura is a new Etsy shop that makes Sailor Moon inspired jewelry. There are a variety of handmade jewelry pieces based on the ten senshi. Since my favorite character is Sailor Moon, I received this beautiful lariat necklace inspired by the character. Here's a description from the shop:

"This piece is inspired by the main character of Sailor Moon. Her Japanese name is Usagi Tsukino which translate "Rabbit on the Moon". This lariat measures 16 inches with a 3 inch chain drop."

I really enjoy this necklace. It is beautiful, delicate, and versatile enough to go with any outfit. The little bunny and moon are such iconic symbols of Usagi Tsukino. You can customize the length of the necklace through Lunamis Aura's Etsy shop. Below are some details on the materials used:

  • Material - 14k Gold Filled
  • Bunny Bead - 10 mm
  • Moon Charm - 10 mm
  • Chain Length - 16-18 Inches (Or any length you want!)
  • Chain Drop - 3 Inches
  • Gemstone - Mother of Pearl (Bunny Bead)
  • Moonstone (2 rondelles for closures and 1 for chain drop)

The bunny charm is available in either white or pink color. Of course, I chose pink since it is my favorite color! The necklace comes in an adorable jewelry box, which makes it great for gifting.

There are lots of other designs available through the shop, you can click here to visit the store.

My verdict: The bunny and moon are two of my favorite symbols because they represent my favorite character, Sailor Moon. This necklace combines the two elements customized in my favorite color, so I absolutely love it. In addition, the necklace is cute and dainty, and can be worn for any occassion. If you enjoy this style, I'm sure you'll enjoy many of the other pieces the store offers.

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