Sailor Moon x Dr Scholl Medi Qtto Legging

The Sailor Moon x Dr. Scholl Medi Qtto futon pattern legging are meant to be worn overnight to help slim your legs. In addition, compression socks also helps your blood vessels work better. They can keep your legs from getting tired and achy. Plus, there is also the added benefits of helping to ease swelling in your feet and ankles, as well as help prevent and treat spider and varicose veins.

You can preorder the legging starting September 25, 2019. The release date is October 7, 2019. The price is 3,200 yen (tax not included). As a side note, Japan's tax is increasing from 8% to 10%, so please be aware of the change when ordering. The legging will be available on Amazon Japan, Rakuten Japan, and other stores. Please click here to learn more about using proxy service to buy from Japan.

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  • Rose

    November 30, 2019 4:38 AM

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    I bought the sailor moon compression stockings on ebay from Japan.
    I actually had to go to hospital because of my legs aching and found out i have varicose veins one in particular causing me trouble. I was told i need thigh high compression stockings which i would need to be measured for order.
    I searched on the Internet and as i love sailormoon, finding these were like someone just knew i needed them! Anyways me and my big fat legs i ordered size L and i didnt think it would fit my 18 inch calves nor my extra large upper legs. Surprisingly it did and im shocked. They fit perfectly but only issue is that the top keeps rolling down abit so ive ordered fabric tape to keep them in place.
    I got the best of both here, sailor moon compression stockings, im very happy.

    • Linda

      December 12, 2019 12:04 AM

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      Glad to hear it all worked out. It's nice to find something useful like this, and in a pattern you enjoy! Unfortunately, these compression leggings didn't work out for me. They fit fine, but I got an allergic reaction from it. The first time I tried, I thought it was a coincidence (thinking maybe I ate something that caused the hives). However, second time I wore it overnight, I got hives in the exact some spot. >.<

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